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On-Demand Webinar: Patient Safety Organizations (PSO): What's in it For You? 


Medication errors are an unfortunate, yet not uncommon occurrence in pharmacies, nursing and post-acute care homes, and other healthcare settings across the United States. Each year, approximately 7,000-9,000 patients die as a result of medication errors, while hundreds of thousands more experience adverse reactions or complications1. Understanding how medication incidents and near-misses occur is key to improving processes and preventing future errors. 

How can you improve safety, protect your organization, and reduce the risk of patient harm? Patient Safety Organizations (PSOs) can help.

Watch now to discover how PSOs can improve processes and enhance patient care by providing a safe place for you and your staff to report, aggregate, and analyze data around medication incidents and near misses.

We cover:

  • What PSOs are and why you need one
  • The countless ways they can benefit you (enhanced medication management, federal protection and legal support to name a few!)
  • The benefits and time-saving features of Pharmapod’s intuitive PSO solution

Your host:

Rhonda Kollenborn,

VP, Customer Experience & PSO Executive Director, Pharmapod

The webinar will be most beneficial for our US audience. Pharmapod is a member of the Think Research family of companies. 

1. Medication Dispensing Errors and Prevention